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(I know, I hope it doesn't affect my FB) Well, she didn't pay within 48 hours and she also has 0 feedback, and JUST joined-I had also mentioned first time ebayers to please contact me pre-bidding and she didn't. And ever since she has been sort of threatening...not someone I want to deal with.
I recently sold something on ebay and the winner of the auction has been a pain in the butt ever since. I had to wait extra long for her to send the money, when the auction stated payment is due within 48 hours..etc..anyway, I just don't want to sell to her. I have a feeling something is off. How can I refund her money that she sent me w/ paypal?
Hi everyone, I have some handbags and handbag accessories I would like to sell (mostly Coach and LV). 2 of my LVs are in excellent condition. I was wondering if there are places online that will purchase and resell them for me. I am not a fan of ebay considering my listings for REAL items have been removed before and I would really like to get a good amount for these handbags. Any ideas of where I could list them other than here? Thank you.
Wow. Sorry I haven't responded I have been back to school shopping amongst other things. I'm new here and I guess I am not addicted to being on this website (yet). Anyway, I don't know who you are accusing me of being, but I can assure you that I am not the same person in the post on the other website. Is it a huge coincidence that 2 girls experienced a bad babysitting job? I dont really think so.. Anyway, back on topic, for those who responded-thanks I think I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiff I used to have a giant eagle near me Try not to get to upset about it. Just move on. There are plenty of people that are out there that could use you help! Where do you live lol ?? I live in Maryland. I just come up here for the summer to stay with my Mom (she just recently moved here so we both have no idea where anything is) and go to school in Florida where my Dad lives.
Quote: Originally Posted by shelley How many names do you have Marilyn, Cindy, Carol Ann? Huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by djonno get. over. it. Easier said then done I think. I know its just a small babysitting job but like I said I've never been let go and I do need the money for school Oh well.
Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time dealing with this and have no one to talk about it with as of the moment so I am looking for some opinions/support. I was working for a family near by just for the summer before I went back to college. I have been working since June 20 for this family and would only be needed until August 14. Today the father came home and asked me to sit down to discuss some things. He first asked me if I used his Giant Eagle card to get gas.. I...
This is my first authenticity request. I really love this bag. The link on ebay is : AUTHENTIC COACH White Polka Dot Leather Lunch Tote - (item 220135574711 end time Aug-06-07 12:31:36 PDT) Any opinions would be appreciated!
Quote: Originally Posted by asdfTT123 Hey, everyone, I haven't been posting much lately for the past few months, but I hope you're all doing well. I've been looking for a place to rant, share my feelings, and to vent some of my frustration since I'm away from all my friends this summer and I'm not particularly close to my family. So, I've dated my girlfriend for the past 22 months and after about 2.5 months of long distance from summer vacation during...
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