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^ITA. Wait it out for a shelter kitty. We have 5 cats, all from shelters..and they are the BEST. We have purchased a cat from a pet store once before, when I was young, and she was full of problems.
My mom uses that! She is so obsessed with it. I've never really looked into it or understood what you do with it..
So true. Thanks for posting this Dave.
I think in a few years she may regret it..but for now it is cute.
Happy Birthday! I mean't to post this when it was actually your bday, but happy belated!
Hope your first day back is going well!
Good luck on your first day back! Summer is not too far off..
Happy birthday!
Delivery confirmation shows its been delivered, but I have shipped many things where the tracking # was never scanned, so it never showed that it was delivered. Insurance (I think) covers if it is damaged in transit or something along those lines...
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