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I believe when you pay you are able to choose from a drop down menu how you would like to be charged.
Also there are two different types of surgery, PKR and the normal lasik. Pkr is the preferred method because it does not actually cut the cornea while lasik does.
no! I havent received one yet! i really want to see what they look like IRL
I'm almost debt free. Students Loans :$0 Credit Card : $3,000 Car : $0
I got one too. prettttty sick.
Cute cats barbie! i will post pics this weekend when I'm home.
I'm sorry but what are podcasts? I know they have something to do with iTunes. Are they like radio shows for your iPod?
I'm not exactly sure what the system is. I know that its basically a mixture of cardio/yoga/weight training that changes every 30 days for a series of 3 sessions (90 days in total).
Oh . I hope you are able to make it up. It sucks because you don't have much time to call the dean/health office to get any sort of excuse since it's Sunday. feel better!
^I also see ads.
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