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no I'm being good. plus I'm kinda broke lol.
o hai
audio what a blast from the past! nice to see you around. Looking good btw
lulz @ "back meat" thanks for the compliments everyone Hector, perhaps I had too much influence watching the muppet show growing up. dunno.
Jen we never saw pics of you with those hawt yellow shoes and your dirty thirties!
dude, were you in a coma the past few months?
^I don't really have much more info than that lol. It really depends on how tight you want them and your comfort level. Don't expect to be able to move around easily if you size down. They'll stretch, but it's not a fun process. I don't think the sizing varies by the wash, I initially found the veggie wash ones in a 27 and bought them since that was all I could find (it was a size up from my TTS).
^agreed on the contrived bit. If they were actually your boyfriend's jeans and you were wearing them then ok, I can dig that. But, buying oversized, "boyfriend" labelled jeans is just dumb imo. And the ones I've seen look awful.
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