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i cant get past the belt
Quote: Originally Posted by silviu_dancea ...and by the way...the whole chicken/big head thing is just the way i look in that picture...make some more pictures and i'll let you see...i think i will buy some gloovys and post some pictures in gloovy...hellyeah i like you...having a huge huge head hasnt affected your sense of humour btw i like your snarl in the pic we should have a thread for the biggest heads....i think i might be slight...
Quote: Originally Posted by hp5rebec Oh. My. Gawd. You have, like, no waist. Awesome shot, but I do prefer your upper face, dear! <-- one for each cheek! what are you,gay?
we are off topic...no more shitting up the thread lets see some pics
Quote: Originally Posted by krod1323 ^The question is..Why did you try? i have a lot of self loathing going on is that a problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by peteralexia i told you...i am hideous even my mother denies me being her son in public why can i +1 my own post?
Quote: Originally Posted by lorna17 lol thanks ryan just for you and riot Matic 81m, i guess this does count seeing as i wore them today this is the sexiest pic i have seen on hf
Quote: Originally Posted by moonslash btw pete, do you look like your avatar then? i told you...i am hideous even my mother denies me being her son in public
how did i miss it lorna...omg this pic is my new screensaver
i have a confession.. i have a huge head too
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