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Here I thought it was new thread.
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Lorna, can I see your whispering eye?
Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 I understand lots of people are pissed about the demise of HF- however, regardless of Dave's occupancy on HF, the shit he does in real life far surpasses anything I do in my free time. He may not give a fuck about premium denim, but I admire and respect him for doing the things he does to help others. They're separate things to me. Still don't agree with how things have been run here lately, so don't misread...
Not yet. Fat titties. Titties titties everywhere and not a real one in the bunch of them. Vagina. Labia Minora. Vuuuuuullllva.
Tits. Areola. Mammary Glands. Oh my! Penis. Penis. Penis. Penis.
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Considering it's obviously apparent that these projects are funded by the money he's making from HF than yes I'd say HF is more important. Not that I care what he does with his money but any smart businessman would realize that investing in your cash cow would be the smart thing to do. If he fixed the problems here people wouldn't be so unhappy with the current state of things and he'd make more money to do as many...
I'm too tired to read this thread but to etgreg -- just because their haven't been attacks on american soil since Bush took office, doesn't mean he had a hand in it and vice versa if an attack did happen, do you understand the logical fallacy of your argument? Edit: And to the whole democracy thing -- it's utter bullshit. Look at Iraq's southern neighbor, Saudi Arabia our lovely "allies" with very militant and extreme interpretations of Islam.
Me? College has been kicking my ass, and so has my new job so I haven't had time, and this place has kind of gone dead so I rarely check it anymore.
1. Nothing screams douchebag like wearing a shirt with the logo and rhinestones emblazed over it. 2. The only guys that wear that shit around here are the frat boys in Kappa Sig, which we affectionately call Kappa Sketch. 3. They haven't been popular in a long time, and really you don't need a fashion sense to know that... because anything that's obnoxiously flashy will only last a season or two if that. If you want clothes that's fashionable and will last through the...
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