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Are these real??? i've never seen a Chloe paddy in real life so I need your help! what do you think? bag #2 Thanks in advance
looks like a fake patchwork to me don't buy it!
Quote: Originally Posted by IAmRenee I think they should have pink super T thread. oo i agree! I saw the turquoise ones in a TR store and they're actually pretty cute!
me too...so sad!!!! =*(
PMed you =) has anyone gotten anything cool from the site yet??
too bad they're not 27s =( super cute tho
Hello! my coworker introduced me to this site Designer Apparel by Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Armani and more but im not sure how authentic the items posted on it is. Basically it refers to different websites you can purchase "designer" items from. I see that sometimes they even refer to reputable stores like Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. However, when i went to their Gucci or Fendi section, I see a bunch of purses for so cheap. Is this too good to be true? for example: Gucci...
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