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2nd haul from today
it must be a bad weekend for the sale to be happening...it seems like people aren't so excited about this one compared to last November!
Quote: Originally Posted by x_xiii there will be 4 premium outlets carring R&R Desert Hills Premium Outlets - Cabazon, CA (Palm Springs area) Houston Premium Outlets - Cypress, TX (Northwest of Houston) Philadelphia Premium Outlets - Limerick, PA (Philadelphia Area) Rio Grande Valley...
ah the paddy is gorgeous! may i ask how much you got it for? I'm hoping for a paddy too.
my friend just got these! they're uber cute!
awwwwww the bumblegum bbag is soooo cute!
the bag looks real to me...im not positive but i believe the bag is a hamptons messenger in lilac...released back in 2005ish and the bag also came in black with turquoise suede. I want to say the retail price on the bag was $248 or $298. I wouldn't pay more than 150 for it on ebay (unless you really want this particular bag and there aren't that many of them on ebay....then 200 max). hope that helps!
my mom goes to an Indian grocery store for it. It comes in a small box with green-ish powder mix. she sometime adds ground up coffee to the mix to make it smell better and supposedly its good for the hair. I heard about adding mayo too but i don't know about that.
btw, do all the Moloko crystal crowns run a size big?
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