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100% Authentic and extremely rare to find Chanel Camellia Mini Flap! I acquired this bag after searching and prowling through the internet for months..and finally found one from a reputable online consignment boutique. It is GORGEOUS...but alas.. i'm a little vertically challenged and the long chain doesn't quite work for me. Hence i'm putting this out there for those out there who would put it to better use than I ! Am passing it on for the exact same price I paid. I...
Hiya, how does this look???TIA!!!!!!! 7 FOR ALL MANKIND JEANS BOOTCUT SIZE 26 BLUE - eBay (item 140314625203 end time Apr-22-09 17:37:35 PDT)
Was wondering if anyone could help me authenticate these shoes! Any help would be appreciated! TIA!
Just realized this might be in the wrong thread!! Ack! Sorry!
Hi! Could anyone help me authentice these manolos?? Any help would be appreciated! TIA!!!
Hi guys! I'm thinking of buying my first pair of SFAM. Thanks to this forum, i have purchased a few auth RR jeans in the past This forum is so awesome! A few jeans that i'm considering..i'll just do it at one go so i dont trouble you guys too much. I hope i dont make the silly mistake of confusing SFAM with seven7 jeans this time..lol.. 1. 2. 3. 4.
How does this pair look?? Can you guys tell if it's real/fake?? Thanks!!
The thing i dont get about ebay is how the seller claim the shirts to be authentic and sell for them for so cheap. Hmmmmmm.. He/she isn't selling in bulks though. Can anyone tell if this lacoste is real!?
just from some random seller on a BST website. he/she just have those 2 shirts listed.
Would appreciate it if anyone can tell if they're authentic or not!!! Thanks!!: )
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