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They're super nice, but it sure is pricey!
Hi everyone! Just a quick question regarding the sizing of Chanel footwear. Do they tend to fit small or normal to size in conjunction with ordinary shoes? I want to purchase a pair of Chanel sandals, but I'm literally confused with the sizing since I heard they fit normal to your shoe size or they either fit smaller. I'm regularly a 6.5 in womens shoes, and my feet measurements (from the back of my heel to the longest toe) is 23cm. Therefore, in the Chanel sandals...
well i love the shirt, like i've been eyeing it for soooo long now, and it seems that revolve doesn't plan onto lowering down the prices anytime soon ... but they have a good return/exchange policy if it doesn't work out ... and the 20% coupon applies to it as well so that's better than nothing right? but thanks for everyones opinions! i appreciate it, i guess i've decided to get it ... and i'll make sure to keep you guys posted within a week or so =D
thanks everyone, ahh i love this shirt soo much, i was talking to one of my co-workers, because we work in cosmetics for lacome and she loves vivenne westwood! she said that the price is expensive because it's a couture line, but she said try it out ... so i guess i'll buy it ... YIKES, but i'll tell you guys how it goes, the urge is killing me.
Does anyone know if Gucci ships to Canada? Thanks in advance
Quote: gizmokat I like the styling, but stripes can get old fast, for $479 I would get something classic and versatile that I could wear often. that shirt is not it, gorgeous, but no it imo. Quote: gizmokat to put it into perspective, that 50% of a nice handbag I guess you have some good points, maybe I'll wait till after Christmas and see if Revolve drops the price even a bit ... I love strips ... honestly I love them!...
Okay ... so here's the deal. After exhaustingly finishing hours and hours of buying Christmas gifts for my friends and family, I decided to finally spoil myself. I went onto Revolveclothing to pretty much find anything that I came across of that I really liked, and so I did! I'm not to familar with this brand, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, but someone wanna tell me about this brand and give me a feedback? All her clothes are beautiful BUT extremely pricey. Therefore, I came across a...
Thank you wangz09
Okay, so I was just cruising around EBay, and I found these. eBay.ca: ROCK AND REPUBLIC KIEDIS STUDDED SKULL JEANS sz. 25 NWT (item 290146441400 end time 14-Aug-07 20:15:00 EDT) What do you guys think? I want a pair of skulls badly from R&R ... but I found that the seller has these in every size. Help please! Thanks a lot in advance
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