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been long long time coffee break on a glorious Chicago day
Good Society raw bootcuts H&M/ AA tanks H&M scarf Him:PBJ 008
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram I think it also has something to do with being in Iowa... LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! True. I'm originally from Iowa, and it was pretty pathetic there.
Happy Birthday Tommy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Annie2venus some Irish Car Bomb fun. Nice Annie. +1 for car bombs. takes a real drinker for those, or an Irish woman like myself.
hmmm, I wonder if I can find a place in chicago that does this... I usually get waxed but, it makes my skin break out...I would love to try threading.
Hello ladies! I am still holding steady,none lost or gained which is ok with me for now. I think I may have plateaued a bit but, hopefully when I move to Chicago in two weeks all the walking will do me good and a few more pounds will be gone!
BiG is the only US site that I know of that sells them
For me at least, dry denim is about me having something unique and individual. Instead of a pre washed pair of denim that many other people may have, I have the chance to mold a pair of jeans into what I want them to look like. Though many others may have the same pair of drys to start with, they will not end up looking the same or like they came off a production line.
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