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I've searched ebay. I've been occasionally looking on ebay for them for the past few years with no luck
Does anyone know of or remember the TR Joey's that had brown snakeskin pocket flaps and white snakeskin pocket flaps? I remember seeing them a few years ago. Does anyone know where I could find a pair?
If wearing TR's makes you gay then consider me Boy George! TR's are not gay... It's very sad, but I think thug life wanna to be rap stars are starting to wear them more -not gays.
YAY!!!! I got them for $60 shipped!!! Does anyone know the retail on these, just for piece of mind...
yeah...you're right. I had it authenticated at purseblog.com ....it's authentic...hmm...lucky gf I have
Does anyone know how men's Christian Audiger t-shirts fit? I really like them, but fit is important.
actually they look good on you for chick jeans...but I have to ask, do you go into a store and try them on? Do the employees look at you weird?
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