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Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose I've always found Diesel to do a good job of being just mainstream enough that most people know the brand, but not diluted to the point that you see it everywhere. When I wear Diesel most people here who are into "fashion" (read girls in the 18-25 demographic and the few guys of that age who also care) consider me well dressed and ahead of the curve, and I'm ok with that. Heck, in my small town, a lot of the Diesel I...
Vanden Plas - Christ 0
I'll probably get banned for this...but honestly notfrostyjosh is one of the only reasons I read through some of the threads on this forum. Hands down the funniest most interesting poster on this entire board. Now if this thread was about members who actually contribute content to the forum...who am I kidding he'd still get my vote.
If you are new to Diesel/designer denim, then Zaf will seem slim fitting to you. After you get into it and try different cuts, you will realize that Zaf is more a medium fitting jean. I used to own a pair of 87P, and I had them in my normal Zaf size and they fit fine.
I have always been thin, and even when I am not working out I have a six pack due to my naturally low BF. lol, this is not as good as it sounds though, because they rest of my body is scrawny as hell.
Not a huge polo shirt fan myself either, although I do like the more t-shirt like polos that I have seen more of lately. I picked up a few for the spring/summer, cause plain T's will get a little boring.
Considering he's American his birthday is probably April 7th. In America we like to use contradicting formats and standards for just about everything, including dates. Why? Because we fucking can!
damn I love beer...too many favorites to name at the moment. I really like darker beers, ales, porters, dark/amber lagers etc... Just finished a Sam Adams Winter Lager and a Sam Adams Honey Porter while watching the Flames v. Sharks games. (great game btw) A very unique beer that comes to mind is Xengu. Anyone here tried it? It's a Brazillian black beer.
With my Zathans I wear boots, chucks or loafers usually. I have some Diesel shoes but don't really wear them too much. Most of Diesel's shoes are too sporty for my taste.
wow, makes me recall how shitty my 71js are. Mine are from the earlier batches, but are pretty washed out, so most of the contrasting and the cool little details have faded. Too bad jjdenim doesnt have any really nice ones in my size.
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