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I lost about 40 pounds within 3-4 months after having my son. The rest of the 20lbs I lost I attribute to not eating late at nigh and cutting out junk. I've been sitting at around 115-120 for the past year, and I notice that my jeans are getting loser still. Before him, I used to eat around 10-midnight and then would go to sleep 2 hours later. Now I usually eat dinner when he does b/w 6-7 and I'm in bed by midnight. I won't have anything else until the next morning...
I think cyst type breakouts might be more hormonal related then acne. Are you on BCP or stressed out? My skin saver lately are Jojoba Oil and Tazorac. I have to use the Taz with Short-contact-therapy b/c if I leave it on over night my face gets super sensitive and I break-out more because it dries me out. This is where the Jojoba comes in, it helps lubricate my pores to help the gunk come out that the Taz has pushed to the surface...well at least that is what my...
Oh, BTW these are my new favorite jeans. The wash is beautiful, the fit is fantastic...they are soooo comfy
I wear a 26 in most SFAM, I got a 25 and they fit me fine. They do stretch out a little bit with wear. If you have larger hips/thighs though I would NOT size down, they are tighter in the thighs.
That's some BS...I was bidding on those brown crystals
Thanks Zubin! But do you know the sizing for last season? Is it just normal?
I had some and sold them because I didn't really like how they fit. I thought they ran small and the denim was stiff.
Does their clothing run TTS? Specifically jackets.
I'm selling mine b/c they did nothing for my butt. I guess you have to have one first
When a tailor does a hem with the original do they cut it off and reattach it or do they do it with that tricky hem? I hem all my own jeans with the tricky hem, and I love it b/c I can take it out later if I decided to sell. $20-$30 is way overpriced considering it only takes me like 10 minutes to do the whole thing.
New Posts  All Forums: