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I'm enormously shallow, really.  I'd have a lot of trouble there.  
I wore clothes today too!
I wore clothes today, guys!
chris09 looks like 2008 again!  
Ah sorry, I'm just defensive :P.   What do I think about this?  From the stance of viability, the forum as Honest Forum died a long time ago- before the Pants Revolution.  It's sort of ridiculous to build a forum around a handful of denim labels.  Their significance is temporary as is their audience.  But, that's all been said time and time again and fuck, there isn't even a dead horse to beat anymore.  The Denim Blog on the other hand is active and by the month it...
Dolphin: I know you haven't really been here very long, but perhaps you should know I've actually tried to turn things around here.  If you feel so inclined  go a few pages back through my post history.   
I hear you mans,   I didn't wear too much today.   Contrary to the picture I wore pants (grey)  - but, I copped two frames todays!    Fit picture- middle and right side.   And pictures of them:   So, I guess that's all I wore different today.
Oh hah, sorry I didn't even open the picture!   I looked through your profile, you have pro member and user assigned to your group (not suspended or banned ;)).  I'm not sure why you're getting that, did you try to pm dave?   
Prob because it is Tiff, not many sites will support the format, png, jpg, gif and etc =) 
Sorry abou tthat, test post. :P  Just hit the house icon to upload! I'm not sure about the access denied.  I'll check in about the editing and deleting own posts, that might need to be enabled or somethings
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