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so i just bought a pair of these off ebay - to see what they were like? anyone have any experience with them? for reference: Takumi Clothing - Selvage Denim & Selvage Denim Jeans and Luxury Shirts jsd
you guys are the best. thanks. jsd
Can anyone authenticate...i have never seen these before. - auction ends today. Image of wr full front - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Image of wr pocket - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Image of wr tag - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting jsd
i would say these are good knock around jeans (like melting pot, jake agave, some AGs). you wouldn't put these on in place of RR, TR, WR, Diesels...but thats just my opinion. jsd
I am new to TR - can someone authenticate - auction ends soon. http://http://s200.photobucket.com/a...nt=fronttr.jpg Image of tr back - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Image of tr front - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thanks! jsd
please help authenticate c/p: 1, Item number: 200225443427 MENS CHIP & AND PEPPER SANDBAR JEANS 38 X 32 NWT - eBay (item 200225443427 end time May-26-08 16:36:26 PDT) and i know this isn't the diesel forum but opinions on these would be nice DIESEL MACROWILL 80R JEANS SZ 38 X 33 ZAF RARE - eBay (item 360053394424 end time May-22-08 16:08:05 PDT) THANKS!
Below are some auctions I have been considering...any help authenticating - what are the "signs" of fakes in William Rasts? 1. Item number: 300222228594 - Billy MEN'S WILLIAM RAST BILLY FLARE JEANS IN SUPERSTAR SZ 38 - eBay (item 300222228594 end time May-21-08 16:00:00 PDT) 2. Item number: 230254016261 Mens William Rast BEN Straight Leg Dusk Blue Jeans 38 - eBay (item 230254016261 end time May-25-08 21:03:48 PDT) 3. Item number: 110254519117 Men William Rast...
Couple of questions - i have been reading the posts concerning women's WR needing to size down - How do Men's WR fit? Second - i just started looking for a pair and was wondering if these were faked a lot on ebay? - i know the brand has been around for ~1yr or so, i haven't kept up with whether or not they were being faked....if so, what are the common wash/cuts that are fake and is there a 'tell' that lets you know they are fake? Thanks! JSD
NICE! - i really like the way they fit.
i am very interested in the outcome...i was held at bay by 3 sellers this month concerning FAKE jeans. The pictures we legit, but not what i recieved. So i filed paypal disputes against all three. 1 of the sellers was a complete rude *person* - used loosely, and refused to even discuss a refund: jills3girls that seller then email all the other sellers stating that i had buyers remorse and that i "always do this sort of thing..." and convinced the other sellers...
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