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Looks like the sun's shining on the butt!
I love spotting fake purses on campus. Harder to check jeans because I am not in classrooms. Terriable sound Italian. I like that!
Um, brad, sweetie, I was talking about your "your."
All these things... - The Killers I think I'm on to something here...
Scissor Sisters - Better Luck I had to take Pandora into my own hands and create my own station, I swear if they played one more Sting song!!!
Looks legit, plus they have actual stores.
LOL Oh, I know, I was agreeing with you on that point.
And the back is too feminine.
Quote: Originally Posted by etgreg bradl, this is the best looking one I’ve seen. This is definitely not cheap. I tried it on at Barneys yesterday. They also had it in black, but I liked the Khaki because you can see the details in the jacket. Barneys is selling it for $895.00 http://www.ssense.com/Moncler-Men-Light_Jackets/Moncler_Ermite_Light_Khaki_Jacket/10956 $1,000+ for POLYESTER???
They got everything wrong with those pockets.
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