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Fabulouso. Lots of pool time so far, but busy, busy, which means it will be over quickly as always. Boo.
And odd that it's the same as this one, but different: Women -www.truereligion-shop.com
Web site is a load of crap.
I do not like paint splatters. That is a fad that, if it hasn't already, will pass fast.
What happened to "no posting live auctions??"
LOL You two!
That is true. Purely hideous!
NEW WOMAN'S TRUE RELIGION JEANS JOEY SUPER-T SIZE-27. - eBay (item 270400108874 end time Jun-04-09 17:49:39 PDT) Same picture every auction. Look how many she's sold, and for how much.
Dang, huge feet!!
Definitely do not pay. Explain to the seller that you have had these checked out by the folks at HonestForum and realized that they were not authentic. If she has any questions, send her this link.
New Posts  All Forums: