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I couldn't find a definitive answer to my question, so I decided to make a thread for it.  I'm looking to buy Shioner 74Y, but I am unsure of what size I should get.  I normally wear a 29 in Thavar (886B, 8W7, 8AA) and either a 28 or 29 in Thanaz (depends on the wash, of course).  I owned a pair of Shioner 8MD in a size 29 for a few weeks, but they were too big on me.   Anybody have a suggestion as to what size I should get? I've read some people say size up 1 from...
No, you should get your regular size.  I'm normally a 29 in Thavar and got my 8W7 in 29 also.  They were a bit tight at first, but stretched out comfortably in about a day.  
Yo,   I'm looking for:   Thanaz 73J 29x32 or 29x34 (possibly 29x30) Thanaz 8C9 29x30 or 29x32
Yeah, they may have given 1/4 of an inch. My new ones haven't, either...well, if they have, it hasn't been noticeable at all.
I owned a pair of 8X2 in 28x32 in hopes that they'd stretch, but they barely budged at all.  I ended up selling them and getting a 30x32.  For some reason, I doubt this is helpful to you  at all.  :P
I really want these.  I don't know if I can talk myself into paying that much...even though I'm sure they're worth it.
 These are Diesel Thanaz 8QP grey denim in size 28x32.  I've only tried these on around the house.  They've never been worn for more than an hour or outside. Measurements: Waist (aligned): 16.5in Waist (dipped): 16in Thigh (at crotch): 10in Inseam: 33in   Free shipping within the U.S.
These are a barely worn pair of Shioner 8MD in size 29.  The previous owner had them hemmed to a 29in inseam (and failed to tell me when I bought them).  They're much too short for me.  I'm certain that they could be wet-stetched to a ~30in inseam (search the forum on how to do this).  Keep in mind, Shioner are pretty low-rise, so if you're normally a 30in inseam, these will probably be good for you (though, I won't guarantee that).   I wore them once, the previous...
These are Diesel Black Gold "Piveno" 36Q in a sz. 29 and navy corduroy. They were sold to me saying that they fit similar to Thanaz or Thavar. I only tried them on. The previous owner said that they only wore them a few times.     Waist (aligned): ~16.5in Waist (dipped): ~16in Thigh (at crotch): ~11in Inseam: ~32in   Asking $26 shipped within the United States.  PRICED TO SELL!! BUY THEM!!
Barely worn pair of Thanaz 74k.  I am the second owner.  The first owner never wore them, and I've worn them for MAYBE a total of 12 hours.  They still look brand new, just no longer have the original tags.   These jeans are either significantly more expensive (if you can find them) for a pair with tags, or no longer available because they sold out so fast.   Get them while you can.   Shipping is free within the USA.  Anywhere else, please PM me and we will...
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