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801C is gorgeous, but....$348? Really?
Another blue shirt Thanaz 8B9 Chucks  
  Old Navy Classic V-Neck Shioner 74Y Common Projects
Thavar 8W7 Gola Quota  
Another crappy picture.     Old Navy Thavar 886b Common Projects   I really need to master the art of taking WAYWT pictures.
They're "Leather Training Boots" from a couple seasons ago.  FW '10, I think.
    Jeez, it's been years since I've posted on here.   Obey Shioner 74Y Common Projects   (+ cereal bowl and strange looking upper body)
Thanks for the replies! I will try a size up from my Thavar size and hope that they fit well.  Thanks so much!
Looking for either or both of these pairs.  Will pay around $210 each.
I would say so.  They will be tight at first, but I promise they stretch pretty quickly.  They're relatively thin denim.  
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