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  Absolutely fantastic, man.  I really like your style.
Thanaz 8880N
I would say that Safado would be your best bet!
Howdy,   Could anybody tell me how Tepphar 8Y0 compares to Thavar and Thanaz sizing-wise? I wear a 29 in Thavar and either a 28 or 29 in Thanaz, depending on the wash.  Should I go with a 29 in Tepphar, also?   29 in Thavar 886b 29 in Thavar 8W7 29 in Thavar 8AA 30 in Thavar 8X2 28 in Thanaz 8PI 28 in Thanaz 8B9 28 in Thanaz 89S 28 in Thavar 880G (though, a 29 would be more comfortable)   Thanks!
I'm in quite the predicament right now.  I really love the way 801c looks, but I hate that it will cost me $348 if I buy them as soon as they're released.  Do I bite the bullet and get them, or do I use the money to get a couple other pairs that I've been wanting (Thavar 8NE and Tepphar 8Y0 to be exact) and hope that 801c drops in price like 886b and 888p did and snag them then?
I don't know if this is too late, but, at the beginning of March I sold a pair of jeans to a guy in Israel off of eBay.  He agreed to shipping via USPS First Class International instead of paying more for Priority with tracking (I should've known better at this point).  So, I shipped them out, took a picture of the box with the completed custom's form, with the postal employee holding the box, kept copies of the receipt from the purchase of the postage, as well as my...
Thanks! I do too.  I wear them entirely too much.  I've been trying to find another pair of the Achilles Perforated Summer editions in white, but I can't seem to anywhere for a good price.  May just have to pay more for them and stop whining.
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BDG Thavar 8X2 Gola Quota  
801C is gorgeous, but....$348? Really?
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