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Scumbag Yoox jacked up the prices on everything. 
Tepphar 8NA
I hope this makes someone's day:   Thavar 8X2 sizes 26x32-36x32 - $105   http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?tskay=3FD17CD7&cod10=42253968LL&sts=&dept=   Enjoy!
Would be all over those Thavar 801C if you had them in a 29x32!
Yeah, don't wash them.  You paid a premium for the wash and the fit, so if you wash them you'll potentially lose both.  I'm sure it sounds disgusting now, but just stop thinking about it and you'll be fine!
Thanaz 73J stretch quite a bit.  I remember when I got mine I had to lay on the ground to button them, but after a few weeks they were really comfortable.   
Yo,   Looking for a BNWT or minimally worn pair of Tepphar 8Y0 in 30x32 or 30x34.   Let me know.
They're a cream color with distressing and 3D effects.  I absolutely love them.  I was afraid that they wouldn't be very versatile considering the color, but I was wrong!   You guys can call me Kev or Kevin if that's easier. 
  Thanaz 8880N
  Absolutely fantastic, man.  I really like your style.
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