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Wow, I would have never expected so many people to have so much education here.   I've got a B.S. in molecular biology and I'm working on my master's degree in molecular genetics right now.  Kudos to everyone!
I need a 29.  Nobody seems to have them now.  I've asked NewYorkSpeed like 3 times if they would be getting more 29s in stock and they told me "Yes, we've ordered more" each time, yet they still have none in stock (last time I asked was about 2 weeks ago :P ).  Thanks for your help, though!
The shoes are H by Hudson Lamane.  I dig them, also.  But, I can't find anyone selling them in the U.S. anymore.
  They don't have my size. -_-   I did a special order inquiry about 2 days ago.  They haven't gotten back to me yet.
It's so absolutely irritating how slow Diesel updates the U.S. online store.  It's almost August and Thavar 801c STILL isn't listed.
Anybody know of any working Yoox codes for the U.S.? I'm eyeballing Thavar 884s and Tepphar 880r.
I certainly hope one of the Diesel stores in L.A. has Tepphar 804k and or Thavar 803u when I go down there at the beginning of August.
Awesome! Congrats, man!
Thavar 803u and Tepphar 804k are amazing.
Anybody know what wash this is?   http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?tskay=3FD17CD7&cod10=42265791EJ&sts=&dept=
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