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    Tepphar 880R.  Think I found my new favorite cut.
Nah, I've never heard of that.  There may be importing taxes on certain items, but I know clothing/shoes isn't one of them.
I had a problem with them months ago.  Ordered something, changed my mind, they said they cancelled the order (and I got confirmation of such), but I didn't receiver a refund after they said they gave me one.  Had to bring it up a few days later before they actually gave me my money back.  They were very apologetic for the mistake.
We don't pay customs fees in the U.S.  You won't owe anything.  
Nobody is interested at all?  Shoot me an offer, I am willing to compromise.  
I've received most (if not all) of my packages from Europe or the UK within 7 business days.  I live in California for reference.  
They're available on the U.S. Diesel online store, but only in 32 length.   http://store.diesel.com/us/slim-carrot_cod42255732vs.html  
Free shipping on Fall/Winter collection.  Works in the United States for sure.
Wow, I would have never expected so many people to have so much education here.   I've got a B.S. in molecular biology and I'm working on my master's degree in molecular genetics right now.  Kudos to everyone!
I need a 29.  Nobody seems to have them now.  I've asked NewYorkSpeed like 3 times if they would be getting more 29s in stock and they told me "Yes, we've ordered more" each time, yet they still have none in stock (last time I asked was about 2 weeks ago :P ).  Thanks for your help, though!
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