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Thanaz 8FC 29x32 DIESEL THANAZ 8FC Blue Jeans 29/32 Taper - (item 130141012345 end time Aug-12-07 16:06:25 PDT)
8FC. No contest.
Is yours a 28x32? If so, you think you could possibly let me know what the aligned waist measurement is? I've never tried on Thanaz, and I'd really like to.
I would like to know what it is as well.
^He sounds right, though. The chances of your real size being considerably smaller is pretty damn good.
We're all built differently. I say, if a 31-32 waist fits you the way you like (whether tight, comfortable or loose), go with it.
I'm 6'0" 143 and I wear 27s mostly. Odd how that works, isn't it?
Definitely 71b. Sick wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 another brother!? Looks like I need to start sizing down my collection...
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder ^thanaz 71b fits REALLY tight, they might work for you... Would they fit tighter than a Viker of the same wash? I have a pair of Viker 71b in 27x30 that fit perfect..
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