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Oh yeah, freezing them usually works for me. 
Bad picture is bad.   H&M cardigan BDG tank Thavar 801c Common Projects
Dishonored is absolutely phenomenal.  I love everything Doom, so I am really enjoying Doom 3 BFG.  I could understand why other people wouldn't enjoy it, though.
Decided to spoil myself a bit over the last month.   Tepphar 8Y0, Thavar 801c
Try it.  The learning curve is definitely not steep.  I've been using Windows Phone for about two years now.  I currently own a Lumia 900.  Best phone I've ever had (switched from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Focus, then upgraded to the Lumia 900).  
  I really dig those 806Q.  I ended up returning Thavar 805Q.  Maybe I will pick these up instead..
No, they're not.  I couldn't get a good picture of them.  And thanks!
Thursday: BTBAM Thavar 880G Vans   Today: Obey BDG Thavar 805Q Derbys  
Just picked up Thavar 805Q.  Will try to post pictures tomorrow.
There's an Allsaints store in Santa Monica.  I think they have a couple other stores inside of Bloomingdales around the Los Angeles area.
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