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Bad picture is bad.   H&M cardigan BDG tank Thavar 801c Common Projects
Dishonored is absolutely phenomenal.  I love everything Doom, so I am really enjoying Doom 3 BFG.  I could understand why other people wouldn't enjoy it, though.
Decided to spoil myself a bit over the last month.   Tepphar 8Y0, Thavar 801c
Try it.  The learning curve is definitely not steep.  I've been using Windows Phone for about two years now.  I currently own a Lumia 900.  Best phone I've ever had (switched from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Focus, then upgraded to the Lumia 900).  
  I really dig those 806Q.  I ended up returning Thavar 805Q.  Maybe I will pick these up instead..
No, they're not.  I couldn't get a good picture of them.  And thanks!
Thursday: BTBAM Thavar 880G Vans   Today: Obey BDG Thavar 805Q Derbys  
Just picked up Thavar 805Q.  Will try to post pictures tomorrow.
There's an Allsaints store in Santa Monica.  I think they have a couple other stores inside of Bloomingdales around the Los Angeles area.
Yeah, they're still for sale.  And no, there's nothing wrong with them at all! They're just too big for me.  I should have bought a 29x32.  I have worn this pair for MAYBE 3 hours total since I got them.
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