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I'm the second owner of these and only wore them once.  Pretty rare pair in this size -- get them while you can!   Measurements: Waist w/ dip: ~16in Waist aligned: ~16.5in Inseam: ~34in Leg opening: ~7in
Worn twice for a total of less than an hour each time.  Still like new.  They're too big for me, so my loss is your gain.   Shipping is free within the U.S.  If you're in another country, PM me and we'll discuss the shipping.
Only wore these for a couple hours over a few different days.  I hate to let them go, but they are just too small for me.   Shipping is free within the continental U.S.
Yep, I use them for mine.  They work wonders and are super cheap.
Pretty old and rare pair of Thanaz.  Didn't wear them very often as they're too small for me.   Free shipping within the U.S.
Got these a few years ago during their initial release and didn't wear them much.  They've been washed once.  Fantastic color and streaking.   Free shipping within the U.S.
Only wore them a few times before I decided that they're too big.  Sold out now, so get these while you can.
Can anybody identify these Thavar?  Thanks!   http://www.yoox.com/us/42311637IN/item?dept=#cod10=42311637IN&sizeId=
Really hoping that Cultizm will have a discount coupon.
Selling a barely worn pair of Tepphar 887V.  They're too small for me, so, unfortunately, I have to let them go.
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