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thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you! jl8890@gmail.com
HI! this is my Sedated Blue
Lacoste R&R Floyd Oxycotin Jack Purcell
WHOA! you're from irvine? what school?! Quote: Originally Posted by mctommy I was born in Vietnam, parents (me included) fled the country in 1980 as "boat people" and we landed in Singapore for a couple months, my sister was born there then we all went to Belgium. I grew up in Belgium until 1993, then we moved to California. HS in Irvine, undergrad at UCR in business, law school in socal. Currently living in Seattle. Love snowboarding and traveling...
i was born in Taipei, Taiwan...moved to OC when i was 11, went to Occidental College for a year, and now go to OCC/IVC and planning on transfering to UCLA/UCSD
awww thanks guys! here are some reposts from WAYWT
fake imo
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