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Hi Fabulous Peeps, My girlfriend was looking for a small soft leather messenger type bag. The one she saw she said she could not justify the price. I went back the next day to sneaky sneakily buy it for her, but it was sold =(   I have done some googling but not found anything suitably wonderful for her.   Anyone know of any small about 9x8 inches messenger back, soft leather, that is super cool and compact? Price range... I dont really care, willing to pay...
I mean online shopping not a physical store...
Im looking for some cool bracelets/necklaces/dog tags/pendents etc. I think it helps to complete a look. Ok obviously I could check diesel.com (which I have, but they dont ship to my country). So if you know a place that sells jewelry you fancy, please let me know, thank you!
When you check out some1's ass its steering tight back at you? Btw its ram horns
Omw apryl please repost pics, how can i miss out of the best fitting pics on HF!!! Noooo!!!
Karma is real. Also commonly known as you reap what you sow, you get back what you put out (excuse the pun). Its what that whole "The secret" book is about that was on oprah. Its even in the bible (reaping what you sow). Give and it shall be given unto to you pressed down shaken together, running over etc
Styling Mens Belt (medieval elegance) (holes cut out with decorative studs): Diesel Pasticcia Cintura Belt Size 90/36 Blue $135 NWT - (eBay item 200180812819 end time Jan-02-08 14:09:33 PST) Thin studded belt for her: Diesel Rivanna Cintura Belt Size 95/38 Brown $90 - (eBay item 200185156238 end time Dec-24-07 15:10:22 PST) Not Diesel but hot for the ladies (vest, M, 7 for all): SEVEN for all mankind SIMPLE VEST $151 M NTW - (eBay item 200151809413 end time Jan-09-08...
The only rule is: 1. You must be Japanese
the 8HU looks like a fake, and is HORRIBLE. IF you saw those exact jeans at the Gap for $20, except they didnt have the diesel logo on you wouldnt even consider them. Even diesel can hit a miss every now and then. And if you wondering between two washes, its means you dont really like either that much, rather save your cash for a pair where you like OMW I MUST GET THESE (ie no pondering). IF you have to think about it leave it.
^ Super Hot! What is that light blue spot below the fastening button? If a breeze where to lift the front of ur shirt up would they be considered offender jeans?? Do you ever feel self conscious about how low the front is or are they comfy/fine?
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