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I had wanted a pair of R&Rs for over a year but refused to pay hundreds of dollars for jeans. But then a friend of mine introduced me to HF and I found my first pair here. I love R&R to death - they fit me just right. But I also love True Religions. I love my Joeys the best but have some Bobbys and a pair of Johnnys which I also like (and I swore I'd never wear straight-leg!) TRs do amazing butt action Sevens tend to be too high-waisted for me (altho the DVHs are...
Hi - they do ask for a receipt or tags but mine were too old for that and I explained that I do not keep receipts for years. They accepted that. For newer purchases, they would probably be more strict. At the same time, if you send them in and they can plainly see it is a product defect - they should honor that.
I had a pair of Stevie's rip. I sent them back to R&R and they did send me a brand new pair. What they sent me back did not fit (since they no longer made my exact wash and style anymore I guess.) But I was able to sell them here and buy some Super T's with the $$ But I love the R&Rs so I can't give them up...the washes, the pockets and they are excellent butt jeans! I say send them back and get a new pair from R&R - especially with tags still on! That's insane....
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