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Soo.. Nobody here knows that LV was originally a luggage manufacturer? Trunks in the 1800s, then luggage since 1901.. LOONG before LV anything else. Whether you can afford it or not, LV has produced some of the finest luggage for at least 5 years before Begret was born
http://www.honestforum.com/mens-26-2...size-27-a.html Farco 89E? http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q...z/496/496P.jpg Thanaz 496?
Worse than the Bret Michaels one?
Nordstrom(s) basically wants you to work off commission. You get 6.75% of every sale, less returns. If, at the end of the pay period, your total ends up being below the line, you 'mis-draw' and get like 10-11/hr, otherwise your selling skills and traffic are your only limitations.. A few mis-draws and you are gone. It's a sales job, most departments are paid just from commission, liliebugz is probably in makeup or one of the couple others where they split it.. Also, a...
20% 33% for managers and pacesetters
Rub a little rum on his gum, or is that for teething? Either way, booze works.
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f definitely! i just wanted some feedback since the salesgirl said i shouldn't go any longer. thanks And that's exactly why she's not called a 'fit'-girl.
Oh, hi NAV.
RIP, you sexy beast.. RIP
Video pls
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