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Just noticed my hands were a little blue after wearing them. Didn't notice them bleeding anywhere else. I've never had any other diesel jeans do that before.
Yeah mine bled so hand washed em cold no soap hopefully that helps.
Wore my thavar 829b a couple times & noticed they bleed. My hands were blue every time haha anyone else have that problem? It's the first pair I've had where the color bled. I decided to hand wash them carefully to hopefully fix the problem.
Looks similar color to thavar 802j
Just got these thanaz 813z from macys for only $90 only pair there 30x32. I usually wear 29x30. Too long too much stacking?
Too bad they're so expensive for jogg jeans :-/ & they don't come in 29. Anybody know what length they're? If I wear 29 in thavar then what size should I get in these 28 or 30?
The new Diesel fuel for life Spirit is IMO the best cologne diesel has made. Seriously give it a try it's great for fall winter.
If u like AF Fierce then I think you'll love mont blanc legend. I think they smell very similar especially in the dry down but Mont Blanc smells classier more refined.
Cool thanks Can't try em out at a store tho around here :-/
Was looking at the blue organic wash on ssense or revolveclothing. http://www.revolveclothing.com/mobile/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=NUDI-MJ245 http://www.ssense.com/men/product/nudie_jeans/blue_organic_faded_tape_ted_jeans/76349
New Posts  All Forums: