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Hello.     Does anyone know how the sizing is for this skinny jean?   I'm a size 28 waist in diesel thanaz. Should I be 29 or 30 in 7FAM?   I like the actual waist measurement across to be 15.5"
Can anyone check if they're real or not please!      
check your PM!  
I believe the best celeb to wear the PPD Drexel would be Zac Efron. Not only does he possess a great sense of style, but he seems to collect designer jeans on a daily basis. He has been seen in Diesel, Levis, Nudies, and etc. His style is impeccable in every aspect and I am sure it is not before long that he will invest in a pair of PPD Drexel jeans himself. Furthermore, Zac Efron is an avid skinny denim lover, so these Drexel jeans will undoubtedly fit in with his...
oh i like how its a low profile high top. nice nice. i wear Jack Purcell Racearound hightops with mine. haha
Quote: Originally Posted by binaryfi Gpoop, I saw that lmfao! 8SVizzle Hey what shoes are those? are they high tops? the 8SV wash is sickkk so nice!
SFAM is seven for all mankind. and drool in her context means to 'like' or be 'attracted' to... or u can refer to it as a person being 'yummy' haha
Just got them in today. They fit me! SWEEEET!!!
how much do you think id probably be able to resell them for via honestmall/ebay just incase? the guy said theyve been worn maybe 10times and are in excellent condition. im sad now.
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