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Quote: Originally Posted by avatar I assure you, this will not surprise me. Avatar may be a truly abnoxious prick... but give it a while. You'll love him for it. Go Avatar
Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 For such a menial member, Mario certainly has gained a lot of popularity in the last few days...I'm shocked with the amount of attention this has gotten him! WhAt Do YOU MENIAL CALLING ALL THIS YOU WHAT THE i Am THE hApENIS dOG YOU CAN GO OT SYCJ MY COS YOU PRIBABLY DOn'T GE4T IT ANYWAY, SO DOnt COME TO SALON MY. :ba nana: :bana a: :banan a: :ba nana: :bana a: :ba nana: :bana a: :b...
Wasn't that movie called Thankyou for Smoking (no Not)
CognacGirl--- YES that's what I meant by Bogan but OMG you've crushed me! I grew up pinching my (much) older brother's FInal Countdown single. I still like that song LOL... OMG I never pictured them looking like that. I thought they'd be a bunch of tight space age catsuit wearing gay men. ...*cries*
Quote: Originally Posted by twyla OP= Bogan Now that's just nasty! Bogan??? For real? (In my country that's like someone stuck in the 80s wearing moccasins, heavy metal t-shirts and stonewash jeans.)
^^ mentioning me in a derogatory way Scuse me if I don't just laugh it off. I've put up with it for a long time, ignoring rude posts etc and it didn't die down. So yeah, a while back I started to be quick to respond.
I spotted 2 posts mentioning me posted by Twyla.. which is what put me in the mood
^^ btw what twat directly means is *cough* p-s-y (fill in blanks) but in the context it's used in, it's a mild kind of put down. Like a cross between idiot and asshole.
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar DO, you sure do make it hard for me to defend you. That's okay Just knowing that Avatar wants to defend me gives me all the warm fuzzies I need Twyla.... any time you want to keep your posts like that (sarcasm noted and not minded) I'll stop calling you a twat. I actually don't like being a bitch, but then I'm not just going to cop it when I keep getting put down for being different to you. (Loud,...
Seems to be a lot of unwarranted perm bans going about eh? Meanwhile the real bullies of the forums are practically handed gold stars. Save the ban, I really must just stop coming here for my mental flagellation anyhow. Just give me a link to a good BDSM site and refer me to the cruelest mistress on there and I'll hardly feel the change.
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