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Yep. Used two packs of the powdered Pearl Grey and kept the jeans slightly bunched and stirred every 10 minutes or so to get the 'streaky' effect.   I went with my normal 71J size for 8AC.
I dyed 8AC gray - looks great. Since the inseam and pocket stitching will remain white (they're synthetic fibers) dying them black or blue is probably a bad idea. Try gray - you'll love how it looks.
All you need to do is buy a pair of white jeans off ebay for nothing... since nobody wants white jeans... then pick up a bottle of Rit Fabric Dye at Ralphs for $5. But whatevs... looks like the solid-color thing finally caught on - two years behind schedule.
I was thinking Medieval Bro Bomber... really, we could play this game all day. Would be part of a sweet-ass fistpump costume if you paired it with some TRs and an Affliction shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddock Grondie --> What washes did you got altered? I sold my zathan 72D not so long ago because I was afraid that it wouldn't look good with a safado leg opening. I had 71J and 86T taken-in to a 8" leg opening. It gave the 71Js a new lease on life. They're out all the time now.
Ha ha! Funny to get another email notice about 72D. I've had a couple of my 'classic' Zathans taken in recently. They look great.
Seems like yet another shark jumper for Diesel to be in Macy's - Home of the retarded commercial that has Donald Trump, Diddy and J Lo. On the other hand, Macys has been stepping it up - but it's like a McDonald's version of what 'bacon & eggs America' considers fine living.
I'm a 32 in 71J and Trouleg 71V in size 33 fits tight. No way could I do a 32.
They look awful - Sell them to me.
Ha ha... Kinda like 64v.
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