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That sucks
I like the REACTION LEVEL BLUE as well!! I don't know if I could pull it off but I'm almost willing to buy them just so I can see! I'd have to buy new tops, though.
^^ LOL, me too!
Anthrax - hole in waist after 1 wear
Very pretty!!
Very nice! They look great!
I haven't been on as much in an effort to keep myself from spending money by not talking about jeans (and shoes) (it's not working, LOL). I'll come back more so that we have another person! Diesel is OK but the three pairs I've tried on make me look weird. Of course R&R Kiedis make me look weird so maybe I just haven't found the right cut in Diesel.
They look great.
They look great on you!
That'd be awesome. They always have great codes.
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