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Wow, what an ass!!! I'm sorry this happened to you. But I'm so happy you finally got your refund. Remind me to only buy pre-owned LV from MyPoupette sellers. I'm really worried that this happened on HF because the system with denim is so good. Is there a way to have an LV expert check the designer bag listings? I don't know much about LV (I only have a few pieces) but the date code and ring on the inside looked pretty awful even to my eyes. ETA: I don't mean to...
thesaurus, dictionary, calc, weather, metric conversion device, movie times and locations, and my bf's favorite is the ever-popular whooppee cushion
This would be a genius concept if they had not asked "fluff" questions intended to shock and amuse, rather than any questions about the top three issues people are actually concerned about.
uh, WTF? if this is about a D&G jacket, how did all of you just "happen" to find this conversation on a premium denim forum??
I see mostly fakes, but LV luggage is classic. I'd really like a damier carryall someday... but I'd never get the suitcases, I don't think I could check them.
I've bought plenty of jeans in the forum malls in which the seller did not indicate IRR, but did not indicate either that they were first quality. I was never bothered by it because I couldn't find flaws in the jeans. If there was a major flaw, I would have messaged the seller, but it hasn't been a problem for me. I say let it go...
Yea England! I lived in London for a year and then did my MPhil in Cambridge.... I miss it so much! Enjoy your time there and have a pint for me (if you're so inclined).
I wash all mine inside out, only with other jeans, on cold/ delicate. I hang them to dry. In the case of jeans that are just a bit too big (some of my stretch SFAM) I will toss them, still inside out, in the dryer. I don't machine-dry rigid though because they shrink too much!
OMG that's horrible! let us know what happens with this insane father! makes me so upset...
Ramen=sooooo delicious. Mmmm, fried noodles and salt....
New Posts  All Forums: