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PM sent! holla back!
  Diesel Viker 8AT 30x32 Quick SALE! Price Drop   for $35? are these still available?
i'm no expert on womens denim but they looked fake to me .. even if they're not, they're fucking ugly.
thanks for the helpful suggestions / insights / advise boys .. i think i'm going to cop for them .. i love the 88z and need some more dark denim (even though it's summertime) .. mine haven't lost really any of its vibrancy and i've worn them like crazy .. no washes yet though....
i have a pair of Zatiny 88z and love the wash .. looking at a pair of 8AA right now .. what's the difference? they look pretty much the same to me.... anyone?
i'm sure no one gives a fuck but Bayern just didn't have it .. after the first Milito goal, they might as well of shut it all down .. it pains me to see that cunt Jose lift the trophy again .. at least he'll be off to the trainwreck that is Real Madrid .. at least he won't win shit for a long, long time ..
there's a million things i'd love to buy here .. too bad i'm broke ass until i get back from vacation ..
at the moment it's gotta be Four Tet .. his new album is easily going to be one of the best of the year ..
i checked but no dice in Canada ..
$45? i'm actually astounded ..
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