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Oh the "BELO" yeah so do I. I'm sure I will get better w/ the camera. I pretty much just ran out and started snapping pics. My first nice came was a Nikon 8800. DSLRs were just to much at the time. Then I bought a used DSC S85, Great camera for a 4.1 and then the DSC N2, which was 10.1. Out of them all the 8800 and this E500 have been my favorites.
Quote: Originally Posted by thebomb85019 if youre asking for a critique i think the first and last one stink. the first shot is not focused at all. either focus on the parking meter, or set the aperture high enough to focus on the whole scene. and i wish the last shot captured the letters on the buildings but thats just me. love the second shot though. Yeah I took that last one right when I bought it. But I know I have a ways to go.
Well I did just give him a $1. He asked for a smoke I said did not have any. Then he asked for some change. I said if he let me snap a few pics I'd give him all change in my pocket.
Yeah I take my bike most of the time and for some reason people in uptown think you're homeless if you are on a bike. Funny cause it's a Cannondale F600. But I've always enjoyed shooting downtown better. Even when I lived in uptown.
Oh I get what you were saying now. No I ment pics. Here is one I did today. If you look off to the left that is where JFK was shot ( with a gun)
Downtown where I live. It's not really dangerous or any thing. Just some bum lost his shoe. It's not like they rape you in the night or any thing. Take this guy for example. All Smiles.
Found this this morning while I was out shooting. Any one loose it?
I love it so far. Just took a few shots with it tonight. I need to step up my game fo sho. It's a E500 w/ 14-45 and a 40-150 lens
I just noticed that you can neg posts here. Not like I will do it. I never saw the point in them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bourgeois All of this rubbish with one story? Why ask "if" i should post the journal, just do it!!!!!!!! Its obvious that opinions are going to be stated whether its ethically moral or just. The putting the law into hand for someones rights, my gosh. I can imagine you all arguing over little stuff whereas theres other fortunate people thinking about where is there next meal? There next place to sleep?? ( Oh yes, they are...
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