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Damn you have a farm.
Quote: Originally Posted by theshopaholic You look great, but we can't see your face! My hubby has that shirt too! Here ya go. Not the best pic just one I took yesterday cause I chopped my hair way short.
Ahh I see she is in IL.. My Bad. Just write him an email.
I'm sorry but I see FREE Local Delivery/Pickup
Here is Ola I've had her since she was born. 3.5 Years old More like my child than a dog. WHY WON'T THESE PICTURE SHOW
This is Ola. 3.5 Years old I've had her since she was born. More like my child than my dog. Any one have a frenchy!!!! I wanna see him.
The "mac case" cases are pretty slick. I have a Macbook Pro and mine is silver. My mother just bought a really cool one for her Mac Book.
eBay: --NEU ORIG. DIESEL SADDLER BASIC JEANS W26/L30 WEISS-- (Artikel 330120616415 endet 23.05.07 18:49:14 MESZ)
Authentic Diesel Saddler Jeans SZ 30 x 31 Back
This has been said kinda. But Women are attracted to Money and Power.
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