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Mine BNWT never worn never washed only got about $110. But I go them at Urban Outfitters for $27 ( not a typo)
Quote: Originally Posted by slamdog all the insecure macho guys in orange county california will still continue to drive giant V10 pickup trucks that are raised 10ft off the ground, even if gas goes up 50 dollars a gallon. and all the soccer moms with their white ford excursions. I think that is kinda a shitty stereotype. Hell I don't even really like them. But if some one wants one maybe it's just because they like it. Just seems like you can't...
Sold my Audi TT about 2 months ago. Walk to work ( 2 blocks) The grocery store is the same distance. My wife has a car that I use if I really need to. But we have the rail that takes me around as well. Doing well w/ o it. Miss the car but not the payment.
Went to the park after work. Ola has a couple of friend Georgia ( great dane) and Angel ( boxer) They live in my building as well.
Yeah I would just have her return the skirt. Otherwise this lady is a lil strange. I mean I guess you did list it wrong but the pics show pretty much what it is. Tell her to first leave + feedback and then you will send the money back. Yall seem to really get a lot of picky people. I would of just told them to blow it out there corn.
I have that pic in super hi res.. No boogs
I just kept my neck shaved. This is a ticket I got for not having a bike helmet he also gave me a sucker k
Do Work.
Ahh what a great looking dog. I used to have a Winner mix. She was a great dog.
Damn that is a crazy story. So you really have the first one. How awesome is that.
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