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Quote: Originally Posted by honestdave i get a ton more done on a mac. mainly because of Expose its the sweetest way to switch between programs. watch the video here YES I love that feature. For my MacBook Pro I love the 2 finger scroll, When you shut it, IT GOES TO SLEEP. When you open it IT COMES RIGHT BACK UP. I use CS3, Aperture,Bluetooth elite, iWeb, Keynote, Etc. I like the Core Image style of the desktop, The Dock....
Quote: Originally Posted by lorna17 i love your apartment even more now lol ^ nice outfit too. Thx. Lil messy, We're going camping and were rushing to get things ready.
Olympus E500
Well I took them all in RAW. So it does not prossess the pics. It just takes them right from the CCD. So when I Import them to "aperture" I can fiddle w/ the Shadows, Contrast , etc etc. That wall really was that color. So yeah I messed w/ it a lil. But just to get the effect I wanted. RAW image format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quote: Originally Posted by shopaholic I just wrote a long posting and accidentally deleted the whole stupid thing!! I guess it's a good thing... i'm calmer this time. I'll leave out the colorful language this time. Ok, so I hate my apartment people. About 3 weeks ago, We found that we had bed bugs. We told the apartment people, and they said they would send someone out on Friday. It was a Wednesday. Three nights with bed bugs is not fun,...
I know a lot of people posted up saying how they also take a lot of photos. Plz share.
Monarchy Polo,Diesel Zathans,Shoes are Cole Hann, Glasses are Rayban. And it's about 6:30am when I took this haha. Love Jeans Friday at work.
Thanks I was having the same problem. All better now.
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