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Is that water behind you? pretty awesome if your house is on a lake.
Uhh Hooked can you say. She has always liked the ones I wore jsut never broke down and bought any. She picked up a pair of HUSH but I'm not sure of the wash. Here she is wearing them..... Yeah I know you can't see them but trust me they look good We are at a buddies about to go to the club that's on the lake.
It's cause they were black....DUH
I could not quote for some reason. Zathan 60Fs I bought them from Charged Taco.
I had no idea these guys were this close to my condos. Or that this place was closed when i just walked in and started playing w/ the animals Egotist This is more of the DOF you were talking about. Just walking to the post office on a clear day.
Ahh you're taking about DOF. ( depth of field) Well I took this shot 2 years ago w/ a Nikon CP 8700 which is a point and shoot camera. 2 years ago this damn camera cost more than what I paid for my DSLR. Some camera do a better job at DOF that others. Now I took this over the weekend w/ my DSLR. I was using the 50-150mm lens at full zoom. Here is some more info on DOF Depth of field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quote: Originally Posted by Egotist Nice, can regular digi cams take pics anywhere near that nice? My digi cam is a canon sd something or other (7.1 megapix) and it always makes people look terrible. Can you change any settings so it takes more flattering pictures? I guess I want them to look a little more blurry so you can't see every scar and pore on someone's face. Try photoshop? I've been practicing for a while and still have a LONG way to...
I'm a supermod on another site. it's funny you can't add me.
Here is mine 15" Mac Book pro. This lil iAlert alarm came in handy when I used it in office.
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