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Hell Just watch it online that's what I did at work..
No that is only on VHS. The movie was called Dark Days.
uhh man that sucks. I'd say Quit fucking drinking shitty 40oz w/ shitty thugs. Best of luck man.
That's gross. As long as he gets some? Pfft I will send a woman to the shower real quick over some funky legs.
AFAIK, The book was said to of been fake. I'm pretty sure that's what send the guys down w/ Video cameras. I'm 90% sure it's real cause I've seen more than one documentary on it so far. The last one was just a short 10 min film on it. Any way I just finished the movie and found it very good.
So A buddy and I were talking about that Journal I found and how I live in a building that is connected to it using underground tunnels. He talked to me about a book he read called mole people. It's about these homeless guys that live in the old Amtrak stations underground.( in NYC). So I started looking into it online and now I'm watching a movie called " Dark Days" Any one ever seen it? DJ Shadow did the soundtrack it's pretty good.
That helmet scares me.
Quote: Originally Posted by fncestudent i remember when she was a brunette How do you know her? Oh and I was going to post of pic of her wearing them when she got home from work but we left right after for the camping trip. That was the only fishing I did sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by NYC EXCLUSIVE SHOP nice pictures but how much did the camera run you ? I got it w/ 2 lenses 2 1 gig cards and every thing else it camew/ new. I also bought a 4 gig card and a couple of filters. So far I've got under $500 in it. New this runs about $1000 for the same setup. But I got it from a buddy and he gave me a "wedding" discount.
Yeah I might get some over the weekend. I figured people would ask for pics. So I threw that one up for fun. Have a good weekend every one i'm out.
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