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If I remember this year and you are gonna go we will have to meet up for a high five or 2. I feel like I'm just walking in a big circle drinking huge cups of booze.
Wow that thing is awesome looking.
I think it should only be saved for good times like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by mustaine Any chance you are going to Italia Fest in Addison tonight? I'm not sure! Ahh I doubt it. I hardly ever make it north of 635. But I do like Taste Addison every year. We get a hotel and just get lit, And Oktoberfest as well. Are you going? I've not been yet, is it any good?
My Sister is coming in town for her 21st Bday, ETN.fm Progressive Station is rocking my world right now, My Birthday is the 13th so it's gonna be a double trouble party, uhh JEANS FRIDAY, Weather is going to be great, and I just signed up at a new Gym downtown that is a 5 min walk. yeah for today!!!!
She only gets to wear Scrubs on Friday
Quote: Originally Posted by nikeball how come i only see an engagement ring (i think?) on her finger and no wedding band? someone is lying! Why is some one always trying to say I'm lying on this forum??? First it was the Camera I found, Then the Journal..... Here ya go Blow that out your corn..... And I will have pics of her in them over the weekend. My sister is coming down for her 21st Birthday Wedding Rings Honeymoon. I...
Man those are gross.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken i pretty sure it was a sarcastic joke man. some people sure took offense to you starting this thread....my guess is they were just pissed they didn't get any butt pics...haha. but yeah good to see the wife is into diesels now also....which i guess could also be a bad thing since girls are already pretty good at spending money....it's not like they really need any extra motivation..haha Well I planed on...
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