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Well if you want the complete opposite got to The Superficial - Because You're Ugly and have a look at there forums. According to them My wife is fat and ugly and I've got 13 yr old acne. My buddy showed his vacation pics and they said his family looked like they all had down syndrome.
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell ahhh ryan, you are an [beep] i'm [beep] we have ST too... love it. but i have lots in common with the people i work with, luckily. I have a girl that i talk to that is in OH, She is really cool and talks about clothes and going out all that good stuff. But she is closer to my age. I'm the youngest at 27 in my group of 4 ( down from 6 in the last 2 weeks. )
I'm looking at him. But it's a HUGE company.
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 Oh it was called "Sametime"!! Yep Lotus Notes Sametime, I use notesbuddy inplace of sametime I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my office that does it. But yeah I really don't try to BS in that chat room to much. I was just reading the paper about Sopranos and it got me all excited so I figured I'd see if we had any fans. instead the two people that hate every thing chimed it. This guy is 33 and I'm turning...
WINNAR I like this wash and the way these fit the best out of the 3-4 you posted.
Well we have a chat room for BS and Normal Questions. Then a Chat room for real questions.
I'm not sure about now, But when i was 16-17 I had a small trashcan w/o a liner in it. To be honest I was a slob back then. Any way It only contained used rubbers and was about 3 inches full of them. So my Grandmother comes down to visit and I walk into my room it's super clean... I'm like FAWK run over to my trashcan and it's cleaned out w/ a new trasg bag in it. GROSS. I could not even look at her.
Upload or Mail? But yeah I'd love it. PM me when you get it done!
New Posts  All Forums: