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Nudie Conny Dry Black Coated Denim Jacket Made in Italy tag size: XL fits like a Medium. Its slightly smaller than a medium sized Levis trucker denim jacket. Photo Gallery: http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/hepnotic/Auction%202011/Conny/   Its never been washed. Worn less than a dozen times. Good condition. No odors/stains. Denim is still stiff. Good construction. Will last a very long time. I've received lots of compliments on it. I hate to sell it,...
i just havent seen dry diesel denim that has really thick sturdy denim. which is how most people prefer it when it comes to dry denim. i like dry denim to feel like your wearing cardboard initially. and i know diesel isnt willing to put out a pair that has initial discomfort like that. but i havent worn their recent new pairs of dry denim, so i could be wrong.   if the price is right, go for it. post fit pics, let us know what you think.   i've had my nudie rrds...
they will stretch mostly in the waist, and the thighs. even if  they were initially uncomfortably tight for you, thats okay. it will only be like that in the beginning. you can do what i did, and dip the waistband in cold water, and stretch it out   yes, after 6 months of wear, they will fit like they were 2 sizes. 
i love diesel for prewashed denim, but i wouldnt buy diesel for dry denim. even if they made one that was specifically dry/selvage. plenty of labels that have more choices and better price points for dry denim than diesel could offer.
my 2.5 year old RRDS are retiring to weekend jeans. i just started on some naked & famous weird guys.    http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/hepnotic/Jeans/Naked%20n%20Famous/CIMG0065-1.jpg
they stretch 2 sizes (a lot). if you already have doubts about the size you pick, those feelings will only get stronger. might as well swap them for 28's.
you've probably heard this, but ill say it just in case. make sure you size down at least two sizes, as APC's stretch out a ton. if you can barely squeeze into them and barely do the top button, then you got the right size.
Acne makes dry denim for women.   April 77 makes cuts that I think would work for women. though i dont know if their denim is in your budget.   I think Cheap Monday makes dry denim for women. If not, a lot of cheap monday cuts could work for women too, and it is inexpensive, which is what you're looking for.   heres a thread on superfuture.com on dry/selvage denim for women. however, the kids on that site have expensive taste.   btw, marry me.
to date i have never heard of, or encountered a fake Nudie. as far as i know, fakes dont exist.   not currently at least.     as long as he has a good record, i'd say you're safe.
apc new standards fade and age pretty quickly. if you look at superfuture, you'll see more aged, beat up, very faded new standards than other brands.   nudies as well. both nudies and APC brands fade/age very nicely.   some of the very pricey japanese brands take longer to fade, most likely because its been dyed more times, or because of the kind of indigo they use possibly.
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