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SKULLS!!!! i love them!
i've been searching for infinity mix skulls, alpha skulls AND i need a smaller pair of radial blue skulls.... i search on ebay quite regularly and just can't find those! of course still looking for jeans in steel as well....
i paid around the same amount for mine... they are beautiful!! congrats!
i loooooooooove every pair!! where did you get that hoodie? i want one!
no crops yet! hopefully tomorrow! and i just got a refund for the fakes.
when i asked you about them, i had already bought them & had them in hand. they looked off as soon as i opened the package. my bad. lesson learned, ask first!
not sure how i would be trying to scam you?! here is the only picture i was able to take before my battery died
thank you!!!! this will be my last pair for awhile...IF they fit.... anyone know how they run? i am probably in between 27/28.
i have a pair that i recently got off here or AF. i LOVE them and they are tts for me. i don't have any good pics cause my new camera doesn't have a self timer.
o.m.g. those are gorgeous on you!! where did you get them? i want a pair now!
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