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Quote: Originally Posted by Mihalis Kris Van Assche Dior Homme (just washed!) Marb27 You look awesome!
aww sadly i will not be returning to manhattan until after the holidays but if you're ever around after new years let me know!
Anth you look fantastic and you can never go wrong w/ black <3
Not around here... people are about 5-10 years behind the rest of the country in fashion, music, what have you so... they craze has JUST begun!
What about adopting some rules from other, more peaceful forums that are currently thriving. The Fashion Spot for example or The Purse Forum? They're both very peaceful and people go there with a purpose. The criticisms are always constructive and everyone is there to help. It seems they both offer a more relaxed and respectful environment. Sometimes it's a bit "over modded", on both forums, in my opinion but if we toned down their rules a bit perhaps that would be...
^ hi diesel employee actually george and pam worked everything out so hmm... perhaps you should check out the facts
i dont even know who u are creative but i have no part in aco's banning nor do i really care
Well Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black! Seriously if you seriously are 30 i think it's time you grow up and get over yourself! Perhaps you should find a different hobby?
^ my mistake you should have taken better care of your skin you look quite old!
yes well at least i'm not a balding 40 year old loser who gets off on insulting people over the internet keep at it you're doing great!
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