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Quote: Originally Posted by sh0ebox The Bean: I should visit the bean more often at night when I'm downtown.
Thanks for the replies. I was asking as a general rule of thumb. (I was asking for tips in here because I think Dieselheads are the most knowledgeable jeans owners! Shh!) For example, I was looking at some pairs of Levi's to wear for the winter when it's gross out and I found the 511 cut to be pretty good. I fit great in a stretch but I think I would need to size up one for the rigid version.
Do you guys usually size up on a pair of rigids, from your stretch sizes (Inversely, do you size down from your rigid size to your stretch)? I'm a perfect 28 in stretch sizes, but when I tried on a 28 of dry denim rigids, it was super tight and riding almost wedgie-like. I'm thinking I should go with a 29 or even 30 in the dry rigid. My 28 size/size wanted inquired is for skinnier/tapered jeans.
right after i filled out all the shipping info... "We are sorry, but the product you selected is no longer available and has been removed from your Shopping Bag." bah.
nope telling me my username/pass is wrong even though it's not.
Quote: Originally Posted by zdenal_cz Did you try to use another web browser? (I dunno, what is problem and I didn't try it, because I'm already registered there). yes, that's the first thing i did and it didn't work. Quote: Originally Posted by Samuli83 Well, it might help if You contact diesel.com's support.. Honestforum is not in charge of diesel.com.. dooooooooooooooooh i actually did contact diesel support. and,...
notice the timer is contingent on your local computer time. for instance, change your computer's clock to oct 10th, say midnight of that day. it'll definitely show you a negative negative countdown. or throw it a couple hours before the 10th, the countdown will move again accordingly. this shows it's not very accurate, as it's all relative. i'm going to assume there *is* a specific "worldwide" time when it will be made available, regardless of countdown time... but we...
Is anybody able to register themselves at diesel.com? I fill out my form and it just says "connecting to diesel.com" forever in my status bar. Then it never connects. Then I get a failed to open page. What's the deal?
I'm trying to gauge my fit for these. I'm a 28x30 in Thanaz and Zathan mostly. Should I stay TTS? I see some people suggesting size down, but none for these specific references.
Quote: Originally Posted by anthony cuteness ruined by crusty toe/toenail.
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